EP 19 – Get Ready For The Instant Investor Program

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Show Notes

We are taking today’s episode as a great way to round up some recent news and introduce our amazing new Instant Investor group coaching program! Things have been heating up recently, and with the arrival of the sun, deals have been popping up and new leads have been appearing. We discuss a little about why returning to old leads is always a good practice, the best ways to contact companies and their leaders, and why setting up processes and systems for these tasks is vital to their success.

From there we dive into what we are offering through The Instant Investor Program and why it could be the thing that really moves the needle for you and your business. There are a lot of different possible steps to take when you start out, but we believe that focusing on early revenue generation is the most important one and that’s what our coaching program is all about! So to hear all about this and how to sign up today, make sure to tune in to his episode of the Collecting Keys Podcast!


Key Points From This Episode:

  • The upswing in business and leads with the sun coming out!
  • Following up on leads and revisiting old connections down the line.
  • Tips for getting in contact with the owners of companies and sidestepping the main mailboxes.
  • Dealing with undisclosed pet presences, late rent, and contractor drama.
  • Details about the group coaching program that we are launching next week!
  • Prioritizing revenue generation and getting down to what is most important for a new business.
  • Who can benefit directly from the coaching program and the different types of investors we are catering to.
  • The importance of process; tracking incoming and outgoing money in the best way.
  • How to sign up for the program and get started generating revenue!




“Just because someone tells you ‘no’ right now, doesn’t mean they are going to be a ‘no’ forever.” — Mike DeHaan [0:04:49]

“We try not to charge late fees, we try to work with our tenants like they are our customers.” — Dan Austin [0:10:16]

“The real keys to success are what you are doing to actually get leads.” — Dan Austin [0:20:11]

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