We will teach out how we find Sellers Ready to Sell NOW for Below Market Value and how to Maximize Your Income with every opportunity that comes your way.
Financial Freedom doesn't have to take decades, we can get you there in 12 months!
What do you get?
Everything you need to Start Investing!
  • Secure your next investment property at a lower price.
  • Start talking to motivated sellers within 2 weeks.
  • Get more bang for you buck from your marketing.
  • Grow your income and net worth and change your family's future.

Instant Investor
REI Fundamentals
Video Course

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Real Estate Investing (REI), covering the essential principles and strategies that every investor should know.

It’s designed to help beginners establish a solid foundation in the field of real estate.

Subject-To Transactions
Video Course

No jargon, no over-the-top promises — just clear, practical knowledge.

We’ll walk you through the process, step by step, to show you how it’s possible to handle real estate deals that could potentially increase your earnings, using methods that don’t require your own capital.

Deep Dive Into
Seller Financing
Video Course

Explore the benefits and mechanics of seller financing in real estate transactions.

This detailed course delves into how to structure deals, negotiate terms, and create win-win situations for both buyers and sellers.

Deep Dive Into
Rental Properties
Video Course

Aimed at investors seeking long-term wealth, this course takes an in-depth look at rental properties.

It covers topics such as property selection, tenant management, and maximizing rental income, providing a roadmap to successful rental property investing.

Access to Collecting Keys - Facebook Community
We help you connect with like-minded individuals who are determined to be the best in business.

The main purpose of our Exclusive Private Investor Group is to help its members navigate the challenges and solve problems using their collective knowledge and experiences.

This group is for all availability levels and no answers are too basic.

What people say?
See our Investors Reviews:
“I couldn’t believe how many opportunities I suddenly had”

"Working with Mike and Dan in the Instant Investor Program literally kicked started my investing business faster than I ever imagined.

I knew basic real estate before and was doing a few deals here and there, but once I started working with them I couldn’t believe how many opportunities I suddenly had. I had to knuckle down and get serious quick.

In the first month I got 3 contracts including 2 wholesales and a new rental property at a huge discount. I can't recommend these guys enough."

– Jason
SCALE Community Member
“The program has absolutely cut down on the learning curve in real estate investing tremendously”

"I'm so glad I was able to cross paths with Dan and Mike!

The program has absolutely cut down on the learning curve in real estate investing tremendously.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the cash flow as I grow my portfolio!"

– McKinney
Instant Investor Program Member
“I have been able to grow to a consistent revenue and get out of the intense daily grind”

Before meeting Mike and Dan I was really having trouble getting traction with my business and getting consistent deals. To make things worse I was working super long hours and still wasn't having consistent results.

After getting their system in place, I have been able to grow to consistent revenue and even hire an Acquisitions Manager to help me get out of the intense daily grind.

– William
Partnership Program
“Being part of the Collecting Keys Community led by Mike and Dan has given me practical and actionable insights to expand and grow as a real estate investor”

I have wanted to build out my own real estate marketing campaigns and funnel for a long time and this is the place to figure it out with guidance through interaction with a supportive community of like-minded members.

Mike and Dan are the real deal and are in the trenches with all of us sharing their experience and genuinely care about the success of our group.

– George
Instant Investor Program Member
“I joined the Partnership Program and the Collecting Keys team is crushing it for me.”

They have a system and process in place that are working great.

I am so glad that I signed up for the premium service.

This could end up being the best Real Estate investment I have ever made.

– Cass
Partnership Program
Eric Rice
Instant Investor Program Member
Brian Sigmond
Instant Investor Program Member
Kory Aspaas
SCALE Community Member
Rylee Knox
Instant Investor Program Member
Are you ready to Start Investing?

Instant Investor Program

DIY program to help you build the foundation for your Real Estate Investing Business
Here’s what is included:
  • 8 in-depth courses to help build your Real Estate Business
  • Modules on Marketing, Wholesaling, Creative Financing, Flipping, and MORE!
  • Essential Real Estate tools: deal calculators, contracts, checklists, and more.
  • Access to our Facebook group for expert insights and support from the Collecting Keys team
  • A Kick Off Call with Collecting Keys
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