EP 14 – Tips To Not Waste Thousands On Marketing

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Show Notes

Want to get the most out of your marketing efforts? In this episode of the Collecting Keys Real Estate Investing Podcast, we share valuable tips and advice on how to avoid wasting money on marketing your real estate investing business. You’ll learn how to capitalize on leads by learning how to effectively talk and pitch to sellers, the easiest way to monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and how to avoid short-term capital gains tax after flipping a house.

We also highlight mistakes we’ve made and lessons we’ve learned from marketing our own real estate investing business and even talk about how to avoid borrowing from shady lenders. Plus, we speak on a few external factors that lead to sellers backing out of deals and the importance of listening to your team’s sales calls.




Key Points From This Episode:

  • Lessons learned from marketing mistakes we’ve made and challenges we’ve encountered. [02:38]
  • Identifying your KPIs is key to increasing your business’s efficiency and marketing ROI. [09:24]
  • How to not waste your energy on poor quality leads & The power of having the “Disneyland voice” for sales. [11:58]
  • The importance of reviewing your team’s sales calls and truly listening to your leads. [14:12]
  • External factors that lead to seller objections & The weather prevents people form selling their house? [19:01]
  • Wrapping up our current flip… when will we list it and how much will we sell it for? [21:31]
  • Reviewing future deals & How to avoid shady lenders. [25:17]
  • Lessons learned this week: Continuously optimize all aspects of your business. & What we’re looking forward to in 2022. [30:32]





“Figuring out your KPIs is key to being more efficient, especially when you’re spending all this money.” — Michael DeHaan [0:10:02]

“This is a very energy intensive business, so when people start wasting their energy on crappy leads cause you don’t know that they’re not good, it’s gonna make their effort towards to good leads be reduced.” — Michael DeHaan [0:11:58]

“You’ve got to have a track record and show what you can do, otherwise you’re going to be getting more expensive lending. We went through it. But then the more sources of lending you can pull in… you build all these levers so you can pull them when you need to.” — Dan Austin [0:32:38]

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