FF 49 – Marketing and Sales KPIs – Measure the Right Things and Forget the Rest

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Show Notes

Mike and Dan have marketed in 30 to 40 markets, so they know a thing or two about the best way to measure marketing and sales KPIs.  They have tried, failed, and succeeded many times and which has allowed them to learn what works and what doesn’t. So, on today’s Friday Focus episode, Dan Austin gives us a sneak peek into the types of KPIs Mike and Dan use, which ones are the most interesting and important, and how to properly measure them.

Keeping low costs per lead shouldn’t necessarily be the goal, the system is more nuanced than that, and Dan wants to let you in on why, and how they created KPIs that work.
Tune in to hear how to bridge the gap between your marketing and sales KPIs to help ensure the success of your real estate business and much more!


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Two indicators of a business’s success
  • Why we think touchpoints are one of the most interesting KPIs
  • The importance of knowing which listing brings the most deals
  • Be careful about KPI black holes
  • The KPIs we use
  • The best way to measure cost per lead
  • The importance of your sales KPI
  • Understanding your conversion rates

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