EP 7 – The Riches are in the Niches

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Show Notes

Should I pick a niche as a real estate investor? What makes a marketing campaign successful? Listen in to find out! In this episode of the Collecting Keys Real Estate Investing Podcast, we talk about the importance of being consistent in your marketing, how investors can benefit from specializing in certain niches of real estate, and the opportunities that come from analyzing different real estate investment exit strategies.

You’ll also learn a few factors that contribute to slow or fast growth in real estate investments, how to decide whether you should keep an investment property for the short term or long term, and how to make yourself known as a trustworthy investor in your community. Plus, we share the perfect way to get into real estate as a beginner, along with a few updates on our current deals!



Key Points From This Episode:

  • Dealing with uncertainty of ROI on marketing campaigns. [00:33]
  • Factors that contribute to slow or fast growth in real estate investments. [01:50]
  • Consistency in deals comes from consistency in marketing and business operations. [05:58]
  • Analyzing different exit strategies has created more opportunities… here’s how! [08:31]
  • Distinguishing short-term investment properties and legacy investment properties. [14:38]
  • What are our niches? & The niches we may specialize in in the future. [17:24]
  • The perfect way to get into real estate investment & How to collaborate and partner with experienced investors. [19:33]
  • How to make yourself known and trusted in your community & Networking do’s and don’ts for real estate investors [21:28]
  • Live updates on our current deals! [26:58]
  • Reflecting on this week & Lesson learned: Listen to your gut. [32:25]




“It is surprising how many people are not consistent with their marketing, including us in the past… And now that we’ve been doing it pretty solidly this year, I would say… it’s paying dividends.” — Daniel Austin [0:05:37]

“That’s the great thing about investing, especially the way that we do it… We take these janky little houses that wouldn’t provide an opportunity to the average person and we can make them pretty badass investment opportunities.” — Michael DeHaan [0:12:16]

“Build your base and then find things that are progressively easier to manage and continue to give you a fantastic return for your money.” — Daniel Austin [0:17:06]

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