EP 3 – Inflation Is Here To Stay

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Show Notes

Inflation isn’t going to affect the housing market as much as you think it will… Tune in to find out why! In this episode of the Collecting Keys Real Estate Investing Podcast, we discuss a few unspoken problems and opportunities in real estate investing, like finding experienced accountants and tapping into an abundance mindset.

We also explain why you don’t have to live frugally to invest in real estate and grow your portfolio, the one thing new investors need to do before investing in properties, and the importance of leveraging your network, especially when trying something new. Plus, you’ll learn how you can affectively outpace inflation as a real estate investor.



Key Points From This Episode:

  • Why this podcast is called Collecting Keys. [00:26]
  • The unspoken problem of a real estate investing business: Finding accountants and bookkeepers experienced in real estate. [03:27]
  • Buying an asset to pay for your liability & Should we buy a Tesla house?  [07:37]
  • New investors: Calculate the monthly expense of your ideal life and then work towards that number. [09:22]
  • The power of shifting to an abundance mindset & The confidence/opportunity loop. [14:51]
  • We hired a Transaction Coordinator/Dispositions Manager! [17:42]
  • Buyers are not predictable – here’s an example of that. [19:35]
  • Why buyers don’t buy & How inflation is going to affect the real estate market. [22:26]
  • Differences in eviction laws & A tenant horror story. [30:47]
  • Lesson learned from this week: Think before you do & Hire the right people. [32:29]
  • Lesson learned from this week: Leverage your network and ask for help when you’re trying something new! [34:02]




“It’s shocking how, when you are fully committed and things aren’t like a side hustle anymore, how easy it is to honestly make good money.” – Michael DeHaan [0:13:34]

“Just like sellers aren’t predictable, buyers, especially on a wholesale deal, are not predictable either.” — Michael DeHaan [0:19:35]

“I don’t want to live frugally. I want to live good and I want to have a good time. That doesn’t mean that we’re not smart with our money, but you have to set your goals higher… I want steak on my plate.”  — Dan Austin [0:12:23]

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