EP 136 – Building a Social Brand to Maximize Your Real Estate Business

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Show Notes

No matter your opinion on social media, it’s undeniably a great tool for networking and expanding your real estate business. While the huge success of people like Brandon Turner and David Portnoy is uncommon, it’s very possible to establish influence in your local market just by dedicating time to your social presence.In this episode, hosts Mike and Dan examine how entrepreneurs are able to create a path to long-term wealth by building a personal brand online. They highlight the benefits of social media for real estate investors, discuss bringing value to your audience, and offer actionable tips to get started.

Since this is a Mike and Dan show episode, your hosts are also covering the Maui wildfires and a wild Oprah conspiracy theory. This opens up a conversation about marketing to people in distress, including when it’s crossing the line and how to approach sellers with empathy.If you’re not yet leveraging social media for your business, this episode should convince you to start. Tune in now to learn more!!


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The morality of marketing to distressed sellers
  • David Portnoy’s amazing deal to buy back Barstool Sports
  • The power of social media and having a personal brand
  • Using social media for your real estate business
  • Mike and Dan’s top tips for leveraging social media

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