EP 12 – 5 Step Process to Start Generating Your Own Off Market Leads

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Show Notes

In this video, we divulge our favorite marketing channel, how much we spent on marketing in 2021, and the step that we struggled most with when starting our investing business (and how we overcame that struggle). Whether you want to run a full-time real estate investing business or casually find deals to make extra income on the side, you will definitely benefit from this 5-step framework!




Questions Answered:

  • Should I invest locally or virtually?
  • What housing markets are the most affordable or expensive to invest in?
  • Where do I find the best real estate data online?
  • Is a CRM system worth it in the first few months of real estate investing?
  • What are the benefits of using a CRM system as an investor?
  • What marketing tactics and channels should I use to reach my target market?
  • How do I hire an Acquisitions Manager that’s as good as me?
  • How did we transition from engineering to real estate?
  • and more!




Key Points From This Episode:

  • Want to start generating leads for real estate investment opportunities? This is why you need to buy off-market properties! [01:07]
  • Step #1: Choose your location (decide where you’re going to start marketing). [03:55]
  • Step #2: Gather your data (find out your niche and where you’re motivated sellers are going to be). [08:51]
  • Step #3: Set up your CRM (Customer Relationship Management). [11:19]
  • Step #4: Pick your marketing channel (how you’re going to reach out to leads). [16:31]
  • Step #5: Talk to people and learn how to do sales (follow-ups are crucial!). [23:53]
  • Reminiscing on our first days as real estate investors. [29:54]
  • Listener question: How did take the leap from your engineering career to real estate? [31:03]






“Honestly, if you want to make real money in real estate and not just park money for some decent returns, you have to be looking off-market to be buying things with equity.” — Michael DeHaan [0:01:42]

“If you’re in a competitive market… the CRM is going to help you squeeze the juice out of your deals and your leads.” — Dan Austin [0:14:26]

“We love mail. We do really well with it. We’ve kind of built that as our niche but we also layer on other marketing channels as part of our marketing plan.” — Dan Austin [0:20:22]

“Everyone seems to think that you have to outsource the more active parts of the business. That’s not necessarily true if those are the parts that you like.” — Michael DeHaan [0:29:23]

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