'Collecting Keys - Real Estate Investing Podcast,' hosted by seasoned experts Mike DeHaan & Dan Austin discuss how to use Real Estate to create Massive Income not just Passive Income.


Lead Generation Master. Systems Specialist. Obviously Hilarious.

After spending 5 years as a corporate engineer, I found my major skillset and passion in building scalable repeatable systems. After quitting my engineering career in 2018 with no plan, I spent the following 2 years studying Real Estate Investing and business before joining forces with Dan in late 2019 to start our investing business.

Now, as of the beginning of 2024, I have done hundreds of off market transactions in over a dozen cities across the US. I have accumulated a real estate portfolio worth over $13m and built a business that allows me to operate from anywhere in the world.


Renovation Domination. Value Add Expert. Puts up with Mike.

After 7 years in the Military, I went the traditional route of getting a degree where I met Mike at University. My experience learning to manage people allowed me to excel as a professional engineer, and then continue to excel now managing the rapidly moving crews and projects we are always undertaking.

I take pride in being able to redevelop properties into their highest and best uses, even though that can sometimes lead to unconventional measures, adding bathrooms in unique places, adding square footage wherever we can, and optimizing even the most absurd floor plan to create peak marketability.
Our vision is to set a realistic standard of what it takes to be successful with a Real Estate Investment Business.

In a world where most content focuses on peoples unrealistic highlight reals, we strive to speak the truth so investors in our network knows what it really takes to scale.

We firmly believe with the right actions, Real Estate can be used to create Massive Income not just Passive Income, and truly be a life changing opportunity that everyone can participate in if they know how to get started.
Our mission is to help over 10000 people learn to create Massive Income not just Passive Income by building a real estate investing business that doesn't require them to work 100 hours a week or sacrifice their lifestyle in the process.

Authenticity - In a world of Gurus, we keep things real

Continuous Learning - We work to learn and teach the current trends to members

Community Building - We work to create a tight-knit group of supportive, A Players

Action Driven - We teach others to take action, and by taking action ourselves
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